The 42+ Essential Watchmaking Tools

Written by: Mark Thomas
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Watchmaking Tools

Hi everyone, welcome to my first of many posts on Watchmaking & Me covering the Essential Watchmaking Tools!

I only took my first steps into watchmaking as a hobby back in 2019, but feel I have learnt so much in that time, and wanted to share it with you.

I started studying watches as a hobby, but learned very quickly that this was not a cheap hobby, so prepare to spend money on tools. There always seems to be a new task that requires a special and unique watchmaking tool to complete.

In this post I am going to list the essential watchmaking tools and then in later posts review each tool type in detail. These will include my own tips and advice on where to ‘splash the cash’ and where to ‘go cheap’ with an alternative option. Hopefully these posts will help you avoid some of the mistakes I made along the way.

Actually, ordering the vast array of watchmakers tools is no easy feat, especially as so many of them are essential in the process at some point. I have counted over 60 different types of tools that I have used so far and counting. That doesn’t even include the various options available within each watchmaking tool type.

This is roughly ordered in the sequence a watchmaker will need each tool to disassemble, fix, clean, oil and reassemble the watch movement.

Some would argue that screwdrivers or tweezers are the number one tool of a watchmaker. My overly logical brain says that neither is of much use if you you are not able to remove the watch case back first. I’ve personally encountered this myself, far too many times!

The following list is by no means exhaustive and will no doubt grow over time.

Watchmaking Tools

If you think I’ve missed anything or have anything to add, please comment below.

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I started Watchmaking & Me to share my passion and knowledge with those already bitten by the watchmaking bug. I've often spent hours searching online for answers on a specific issue, and even though there is a wealth of information out there, it hasn't always been very useful, hence why I wanted to share my own findings.

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