Watchmakers Bench Mat

Watchmakers Bench Mat - Watchmaking Tools

Bench mats, while not necessarily an essential tool, are a worthy investment for a few reasons. First, they offer protection to the parts you are working on by providing a surface with a little give and no abrasions that could cause damage. Second, they will ideally be a light colour, which will be easier on … Read more

Watch Hand Removal Tools

Watch Hands Removal Tools - Watchmaking Tools

Before you are able to fully work on a movement, you should remove the dial, not only to gain access to the dial side of the movement but also to protect the dial. To do this, you need a suitable hand removing tool. There are primarily two main hand removing tool options to choose from: … Read more

Essential Finger Cots and Watchmakers Gloves

Watchmaking Finger Cots - Watchmaking Tools

A watch movement is a finally balanced machine which can easily be thrown out of balance by contamination, hence the need for regular service intervals. Everyone has oil in their skin, under each of our pores is a gland that produces natural oils called sebum. This helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Unfortunately these … Read more

Essential Watchmaking Loupe & Optics

Watchmaking Loupes - Watchmaking Tools

Watch movements and parts can be tiny, even more so in female watches. Even with 20-20 vision you’re still going to struggle to visually see what you’re doing especially when it comes to the more delicate tasks. Improved vision is essential when inspecting small parts for wear and tear or damage, or when oiling. The … Read more