Watchmaking Resources

The more I progress through my watchmaking journey the more I find useful resources which have helped massively. I wanted to share these with other beginner watchmakers to help make your journey easier. I find it a lot easier to have all my watchmaking resources in one place for convenience. Rather than have to keep a long list of links to various watchmaking resources all over the web, I want everything easily accessible.

One thing I learnt quite quickly was that my memory is definitely not as good as I think it is. To get around this I now take photos of each step of a movement as I disassemble and reassemble. These have proved invaluable especially when stopping work on a movement for a few days/weeks. I will be sharing these for each movement I have worked on, so hopefully these will be as helpful to you too.

If there’s any further resources that you’ve found useful that I have not listed then please let me know and I can add them too.